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YOUR EXPERTExpertise, and advice in several areas of genealogy.

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Estate search

This concerns the search for heirs for the deceased in an estate settlement. This is the main activity of most genealogists in France today. The work here consists of using only the information contained in the deceased's death certificate to trace the genealogical tree and find his next of kin.

Règlement de succession

Estate settlement

From research to the final settlement of the estate, including the representation of the heirs and their localization, our office offers to help you with each step, thanks to our skills in probate and land research in France and also international research.

Location of heirs

It is possible that notaries, lawyers, city hall, local/regional authorities, or colleagues can use our services in order to locate heirs of whom they are aware of, but they do not have the contact details, owners of land (abandoned or not), among other things, in order to be able to contact them for various procedures (settlement of inheritance, expropriation, land purchase, etc.)
Vérification de dévolution

Verifying research

When settling the estate, it is possible that the notary/attorney misses a few documents to prove he has all the heirs. In this case, he can use the service of the genealogist to carry out research to verify the devolution of the estate. 

Land search

An essential tool for settling cases of property without an owner or abandoned land, for example, land research is the research that makes it possible to identify with certainty the owner of a property from land registry data. This research can be carried out with the land registration service, but also with the departmental archives on which the property depends. In this case, the genealogist must go directly to the archives to carry out the research himself, since the research could not be completed remotely.

Thanks to training on this subject and various cases since the beginning of the company, we have become an expert in the field. Land research is now a skill that is increasingly sought after by city halls or local/regional authorities, but not all genealogists are able to conduct this type of research today due to a lack of training.

Finding heirs of unclaimed bank accounts holders

When a bank account is unclaimed, meaning, when the bank has not had contact with its owner for several years, we may do the research to find him. The bank/company can appoint the genealogist, who can then locate the owner at his new address or, if the owner is deceased, find his heirs.

Our missions

Research already done, the absence of rightful heirs.
Heirs, vacant and unclaimed assets, unknown or missing legatees, heirs of holders of unclaimed bank accounts.
Heirs found; beneficiaries of rights found.
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