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YOUR PARTNERCossé Probate Genealogy Office listens to its partners in order to respond to their requests as quickly as possible.


Do you want to delegate part of a case to our team? Whether it is due to a lack of time, language or technical skills within an area, our team can help you on an international level or simply give a new perspective on part of your case and thus help you unblocked a part of your research.

Notary / Attorney

Are you unable to establish with certainty who are the next of kin of a deceased person? Our teams can help you find and contact heirs in France and abroad thanks to their linguistic and technical skills.

City Hall

If you have abandoned property within your area, we can find the last known owner and his heirs, if the owner is deceased. If no heir is found, you can then incorporate the property into the public domain.

Private individual

We can do genealogical research for individuals. It can be a simple search to unblock a part of your family tree, or we can also do all the research and find records of your ancestors. For more information on prices and fees, please contact us.

Real Estate Agent

Whether it is to find a deed in the archives, a map in the old land register, or to locate the current owner of a property or his heirs, we are here to help you.

Local / regional authority

If you have an abandoned property in your area or if you do not know the owner, we can help you with our land search skills.
72 rue de Lessard 76100 Rouen


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