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An essential partner for estate settlement.

Cossé Probate Genealogy Office is a SASU (French Simplified Joint Stock Company) created in 2017. The office is specialized in probate and land genealogy. It is located in Rouen because of its proximity to Paris and the United Kingdom, in order to allow a certain speed in the movements necessary for research.

The management is provided by its CEO, Mr. Nicolas Cossé. He has a double degree in law and languages ​​as well as a professional degree in probate genealogy. During the internship while still in training, he noticed that the difficulty for most genealogists is in responding to international research due to a lack of understanding of the vocabulary and customs of the country, but also a

lack of knowledge of research techniques in these countries.

This is why after his stay in the United States, which allowed him to discover the particular techniques of research and to immerse himself in the culture of the country, he decided to create this structure, mainly focused on international relations in the field of genealogy (research in France for foreign genealogists and research abroad for French genealogists).

This makes it the essential probate genealogy office today, when it comes to international matters within the CGP.

72 rue de Lessard, Rouen, France
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FRANCE AND INTERNATIONALEn tant que passionné de généalogie, l'Étude Généalogique Cossé exerce ses activités avec professionnalisme sur tout le territoire français et étranger.
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Specialized in International Probate Genealogy

Thanks to our knowledge of common law and our network of correspondents around the world, we help notaries, but also other genealogists to settle international estate. Whether it is a simple localization, a request for a document

(certificate, will, probate etc.), search for heirs, search for assets, or a request for information about the law in force in one country, our office, with the help of its international network of experts, is able to respond to a large number of problems that our colleagues may encounter.

Today, nearly half of our cases are exclusively international cases and almost three-quarters of all the cases in the study have an international path (birth, marriage, or residence of an heir abroad, for example).

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Genealogists of France is the national representative organization of genealogy professionals, and its mission is to defend and represent this profession.

The APG is the world's largest association of professional genealogists, promoting genealogy around the world.
72 rue de Lessard 76100 Rouen


Probate Genealogy Office specialized in International Genealogy.

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